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As an appraiser you might have multiple questions for us, feel free to call us any time during our business hours with any questions or concerns. Attached is the list of the most common questions we experienced in the past.



What happens when I go on vacation?

You simply put your account on hold. Go inside your profile and click on “stop” button. After you return, click on “Run”.

What happens if appraisal order is more complex than I originally thought?

You simply call AMC and ask for a reasonable fee.

What if I get an order outside of my coverage area?

You cancel the order and update your coverage area with AMC.

What if I decided to cancel order?

You must notify us by email and contact AMC to let them know about cancellation.

What is our billing policy?

You will receive an email with statement on the 5th of each months for all the order that we have acquired for you during the previous months, please look them over and if you find any discrepancies let us know so we might adjust the bill.

Are there any other fees?

There are no monthly fees or any other fees other than what we charge for catching orders. We do not need your credit card information and there are no recurring charges.

How confidential is your service?

We do not disclose any information to any one and we do not sell any information to marketers.


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